About SicilyWithMario

Our Staff

Mario is a driver licensed by the province of Messina (Aut. NCC n° 32), offering excursions in Sicily.
His tours have become very popular in the cruisers universe because Mario, with his sympathy and kindness is able to offer to his customers the vision of Sicily through his own eyes. From this capacity and experience born the idea of the site "SICILYWITHMARIO", an idea that our customers, with their reviews and appreciation, have suggested to us. Mario has become, in the field of the excursions in Sicily, synonymous of quality, courtesy and professionalism, for this reason

SICILYWITHMARIO is a new way of doing tourism in Sicily. The idea was conceived by observing the crowded tour bus, impersonal experience aboard big buses, that will certainly not be able to offer the magnificent views that our beautiful island can offer.
SICILYWITHMARIO awaits you with a car, van, minibus or small bus, ideal for building a personal relationship and a unique feeling. In addition, with SICILYWITHMARIO, you are free to modify at any time your tour, following stimulation, curiosity, experience or the changing weather conditions you'll encounter along the route and that can be seized.

SICILYWITHMARIO offers exclusive services to its customers and an intense and emotionally involving experience. With SICILIWITHMARIO you enter into the heart of Sicily, its people and enjoy everything this beautiful island can offer. Watching Sicily through the eyes of Mario is our main goal, an experience that will give you an image, a memory that will remain forever engraved in your heart.